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Thank you for stopping by. I'm Kevin, and I run this little photography business here in Ann Arbor, MI. The goal of Erotographs is to produce sexy images for women that they will be proud to show their partner or closest friends.

The thing I love most about doing this is when I've worked with a woman who has never modeled and is convinced that no one can get a good photo of her. When I present the images and get that "Wow, I really do look good" reaction, it makes my day.

I'm very used to working with women who have never posed before, and will take whatever time and effort is needed to get photographs that make you look your best. I've been doing this kind of photography for over ten years, and in that time the only regret anyone has ever expressed was that they didn't do it sooner.

I should point out, however, that I am not working full-time as a photographer. I have a day job, photography is just something I do because I love it. The result of this is that I can only take a few jobs per month.

Take a look around, check out the examples of my work, and the text sections. Don't miss the privacy section, it's probably the most no-nonsense one you'll ever find.

If you decide to get some photos done, please use the email address that appears at the bottom of each page to email me. We all have our little quirks, and one of mine is that I don't like talking on the phone.