Private photos are exactly that: Private. No one will even hear from me that you posed, let alone what kind of photos.

A private photo session is what you'd expect, you hire me to take the images that you want. A photo session takes a couple hours, where we work with a variety of poses and outfits finding what works best for you.

After the photo session, I pull out the best images and do minor touch up as proofs. The proofs are placed in a password protected location so that you can make a final selection of 10 shots. I do final processing on those images and mail you a CD a week or so later.

The CD will be set up for easy viewing with any web browser, and includes various sizes of the selected images, including the full sized versions.

I charge a flat fee of $400 for my time and the CD. Unlike other photographers, I don't make money by forcing you to get prints from me. You can take the CD to any quality photo finisher and have as many prints made as you like. If you prefer to have me make the prints, that can be arranged.