Time for Prints (TFP)

Time For Prints is a phrase from the film era. These days if someone says TFP they probably mean Time for CD. No matter, the deal is much the same.

A TFP session is basically the same as a private photo session, except that instead of paying me for my time, you sign a model release allowing me to use the images. Many of the images in my online portfolio are from TFP sessions. TFP is exceptionally well suited for beginning models wanting to start a portfolio, and for dancers who want images for promotional purposes.

Like a private photo session you end up with a CD of the images that you can use in any fashion you please.

Note: For a while TFP demand had gotten high enough that I put in several conditions to slow it down. At this point, TFP requests have dropped down quite a bit, so I'm removing those conditions. If I get overwhelmed again, I'll add more conditions.

The current conditions are:

  • Paying jobs get priority.
  • I only do one or two TFP sessions per month.